Lightning Talks

2011 lightning talk abstracts


JavaTea: An on-line tool for teaching beginners to develop unit tests
Ian Barland

“Studioize” your courses with OSBLE
Christopher Hundhausen

Sampling the Error: Research into Underrepresented Groups in Computing
Tony Clear

Self Study—A Viable Research Methodology for Computing Instruction?
J. Philip East

Longitudinal Evaluation of a Computing Degree Program
Allison Elliott Tew

Results of Student Involvement in HFOSS
Heidi Ellis Gregory Hislop

Early-stage (Informal) acquaintance with computing with the goal to disseminate seeds of computational thinking
Bruria Haberman Valentina Dagiene

Peer Instruction in Theory of Computation
Cynthia Bailey Lee

Pair programming is not always better!
Colleen M. Lewis

Studying CS education for scientists
Elizabeth Patitsas Steve Easterbrook

Concept Inventories for Computer Architecture
Leo Porter

Promoting engagement, retention and persistence in computer science through a sense of belonging
Nanette Veilleux Rebecca Bates