ICER Lightning Talks

We are pleased to announce an addition to the International Computing Education Research Workshop (ICER) this year. We will have a new session devoted to “Lightning Talks”.

What is exactly is a Lightning Talk? Lightning Talks are short, 2 to 3 minute presentations intended to further expand the ICER community and spark discussion among conference participants. The intent is for these talks to provide a venue in support of new ideas and newcomers to our community.

Potential benefits of giving a Lightning Talk include: getting feedback on a new idea for an empirical CS ed project,

  • getting a critique of a research design or data-gathering strategy,
  • showcasing a tool or technique that hasn’t been fully tested,
  • finding collaborators at other institutions, and
  • inspiring good conversations at the banquet (which will immediately follow the Lightning Talks session)

Interested presenters should submit a title and one paragraph description of their topic to Brian Dorn at no later than June 15 for consideration.