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Power and Epistemology in the CS Classroom
Donald Chinn, University of Washington Tacoma
Josh Tenenberg, University of Washington Tacoma
Lightning Talks
A Preliminary Study on Undergraduate Students’ Learning Experiences While Solving Basic Cybersecurity Challenges
Ikseon Choi, The University of Georgia
Sejin Kim, The University of Georgia
Younseok Lee, The University of Georgia
Kang Li, The University of Georgia
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Teaching an Introductory Undergraduate Course in Programming:Theory and Practice for Enhancing Cognition, Memory and Learning
Alexander Christou, Indiana University
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Peer-Led Team Learning Supports Computer Science Persistence at Community College
Kathryn I. Cunningham, California State University Monterey Bay
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Educating the Next Generation of Great Software Engineers
Leigh Ann DeLyser, NYC Foundation for CS Education
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The MoveLab: Supporting Diversity through Self-Conceptions
Kayla DesPortes, Georgia Institute of Technology
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Policy Matters
William E. J. Doane, IDA’s Science & Technology Policy Institute

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Targeting Intervention Using A Grammar For The Triage of Questions in an On-line Discussion Forum
Nickolas Falkner, The University of Adelaide
Claudia Szabo, The University of Adelaide
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What Factors Influence Program Plans in CS1
Kathi Fisler, WPI
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A Continuous Integration Framework for Promoting Software Engineering Best Practices
Sarah Heckman, North Carolina State University
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Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Veteran Teachers New to CS
Aleata Hubbard, WestEd
Lightning Talks

Applying Advanced Econometric and Marketing Techniques to Analyze Various Issues in Computer Science Education
Lianen Ji, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
Jean Mayo and Ching-Kuang Shene, Michigan Technological University
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Computer Science is “Hard”: Looking at the Gender Gap Between Two Computing Programs
Brittany Ann Kos, ATLAS Institute and University of Colorado Boulder
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Middle School Students Learn Programming Using Wearable Technologies
Victoria Lentfer, University of Nebraska Omaha
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Posters 2 Connecting Research and Practice
Colleen Lewis, Harvey Mudd College
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What Does Intrepid Exploration Look Like Among Girl Pair Programmers?
Louise Ann Lyon, ETR
Posters 1

Storyteller: Telling Stories by Reflecting on Code Evolution
Mark Mahoney, Carthage College
Lightning Talks
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Breadth, Depth, and Passion of ‘DotStar’: Transforming CS Students at Illinois
Mark Miller, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Thomas Reese, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Abhishek Modi, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Lawrence Angrave, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Posters 2

EIP: Engaging Laboratory Experiences for the Introduction to Programming course
José R. OrtizUbarri, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Rafael ArceNazario, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Ivelisse Rubio, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Posters 1

Building Strong Foundations: Computer Science in Elementary School
Michael Preston, CSNYC
Posters 2

Determining the Impact of Teacher Professional Development on Perceived Ability to Teach a Computer Science Principles Course
Thomas Price, North Carolina State University
Veronica Cateté, North Carolina State University
Jennifer Albert, North Carolina State University
Tiffany Barnes, North Carolina State University
Posters 1

Gender Differences in High School Students’ Decisions to Study Computer Science and Related Fields
Jason Ravitz, Google
Lightning Talks
Posters 2
Jia Chen Ren, University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lawrence Angrave, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Posters 1

How to Train Your Robot: Computing Introduction for 8-10 Year Olds
Chad Williams, Central Connecticut State University
Emtethal Alafghani, Central Connecticut State University
Antony Daley Jr. Central Connecticut State University
Kevin Gregory, Central Connecticut State University
Marianella Rydzewski, Central Connecticut State University
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