ICER Doctoral Consortium Participants

Student Institution Project Title
Philip Buffum North Carolina State University, USA Leveraging Narrative Interactivity to Foster Computer Science Identities
Francisco Castro Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA Investigating Novice Programmers’ Plan Composition Strategies
Bushra Chowdhury Virginia Tech, USA Understanding Collaborative Computational Thinking
Elizabeth Cole Glasgow University, UK On Pre-requisite Skills for Universal Computational Thinking Education
Karen Doore University of Texas Dallas, USA Modeling-First Approach for Computer Science Instruction
Sebastian Dziallas University of Kent, UK Characterizing Graduateness in Computing Education
Barbara Ericson Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Adaptive Parsons Problems with Discourse Rules
Jean Griffin Temple University, USA Worked Examples with Errors for Computer Science Education
Rachel Harsley University of Illinois Chicago, USA Learning Together: Expanding the One-To-One ITS Model for Computer Science Education
Maira Marques University of Chile, Chile A Prescriptive Software Process for Academic Scenarios
Briana B. Morrison Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Computer Science Is Different!
Laura Ohrndorf Universität Paderborn, Germany Measuring Knowledge of Misconceptions in Computer Science Education
Daniel Olivares Washington State University, USA Exploring Learning Analytics for Computing Education
Miranda Parker Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Privilege and Computer Science Education: How Can we Level the Playing Field?
Thomas W. Price North Carolina State University, USA Integrating Intelligent Feedback into Block Programming Environments
Kelly Rivers Carneige Mellon University, USA Designing a Data-Driven Tutor Authoring Tool for CS Educators
Jennifer Tsan North Carolina State University, USA Supporting Elementary School Computer Science Learning with Interactive Spoken Dialogue Agents
Sarah van Wart University of California Berkeley, USA Computer Science Meets Social Studies: Embedding CS in the Study of Locally Grounded Civic Issues
David Weintrop Northwestern University, USA Comparing Text-based, Blocks-based, and Hybrid Blocks/Text Programming Tools
Daniela Zehetmeier Technische Universität München, Germany A Competency Graph to Derive Individual Learning Paths