Fees and Hotels

You can now register for the conference and book hotels.

The Conference and Visitor Services folk at the University of Glasgow are handling this. The web links to their services are further down the page, but please read this page before you go there.

Prices will be quoted in UK £ Sterling on the booking pages – at the time of writing the exchange rate is around £1 : US$1.65


The “early-bird” cut-off date is 11th July.

If you are an ACM or ACM SIG member, please have your membership number ready to get the special rate.

Cut-off for registration is 3rd August, and there is no on-site registration.

Rates are as follows:

  • £320 Early bird
  • £260 Early bird ACM or SIG member
  • £130 Early bird high-school teacher or PhD student
  • £370 Standard
  • £310 Standard ACM or SIG member
  • £160 Standard high-school teacher or PhD student



The University offers a hotel booking service with a range of hotels near the venue, as well as offering luxury student accommodation (cheaper of course than a hotel!). You can book the student rooms as you go through the registration process – but if you want a hotel, complete registration first and then follow the second link below.

In the hotel booking site, some of the listed hotels are too far away for us. I have listed the relevant hotels below in two clusters, one on each side of the venue. If you know you want to work with a colleague outside sessions, aim to be in the same cluster, or you’ll have a 20–30 minute walk to get to them! All hotels will have special rates with the University, and all will include breakfast. The booking website shows the rates.

The first five are in the West End near Byres Road and the Botanic Gardens, and all within 5 minutes walk of each other, and bars, cafes and restaurants. Walking times to the main conference venue are given in brackets along with star rating.  The closer hotels may already be booked up, but worth trying.

  • Hilton Grosvenor (4 star – 10 minute walk). Right in the heart of the West End, next to park, shops and transport.
  • Kelvin Hotel (2 star) – 10 minute walk).
  • Belhaven (3 star – 15 minute walk). Just a little further out than the Hilton, still close to amenities.
  • Ambassador (3 star – 15 minutes walk) Similar to above.
  • Pond Hotel (3 star – 25 minute walk)

These are on the other side of the venue, all around 10 minutes walk away, next to Kelvingrove Park, and also with trendy bars, cafes and restaurants nearby. They are also only around 15–20 minutes walk from the city centre:

  • Acorn Hotel (4 star)
  • Argyll Guest House (3 star)
  • Argyll Hotel (3 star)
  • Kelvingrove Hotel (3 star)

Finally, if you want to stay right on the River Clyde, and are happy with a longer walk to the venue, then consider this hotel. It is around 10–15 minutes from the Acorn, Argylls and Kelvingrove, and then a further 10 minutes to the venue:

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel (4 star)

The student accommodation is all single rooms, and is on a self-catering basis. It is around 25 minutes walk from the venue, but takes you right through the Botanic Gardens, so very pleasant! It is on the Byres Road side, 10 minutes from the Hilton Grosvenor, Kelvin, Belhaven and Ambassador.

This is a Google map showing all the accommodation in relation to the main conference venues – Glasgow University Union for the main sessions Monday to Wednesday, and Sir Alwyn Williams Building for the Doctoral Consortium and Critical Research Review: go to Google Map

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