Critical Research Review (a.k.a Work-in-progress Workshop)

Click this link to view an invitation in person from the Critical Research Review / Work-in-progress Workshop leader, Colleen Lewis.

The Critical Research Review (CRR) is a 1-day workshop for ICER attendees to provide and receive friendly, constructive feedback on works-in-progress. CRR participants will be assigned to thematic groups with 4-6 participants. Depending upon group size, each participant will have 45-75 minutes to elicit advice, support, feedback, and critique. To apply for the workshop you will specify a likely topic for feedback. Two weeks before ICER, participants will send their group a 1-6 page primer document to help prepare for the session and identify the types of feedback sought.

You should participate in the CRR if you would like to provide and receive advice, support, feedback, or critique on:

  • A kernel of a research idea
  • A grant proposal
  • A rejected ICER paper
  • A study design
  • A qualitative analysis
  • A quantitative analysis
  • A motivation for a research project
  • A theoretical framing
  • A challenge in a research project

Participants were

  • Sylvia da Rosa, Instituto de Computación – FING – UDELAR
  • Philip East, University of Northern Iowa
  • Sally Fincher, University of Kent
  • Colleen Lewis, Harvey Mudd College
  • Robert McCartney, University of Connecticut
  • Sarah Esper, University of California, San Diego
  • Kate Sanders, Rhode Island College
  • Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech
  • Craig Miller, DePaul University
  • Ben Shapiro, Tufts University

The goal of the workshop is to provide a space where we can receive support and provide support.

Important Dates

Application to attend: Monday June 16 2014
Notification of acceptance: Monday June 23 2014
Primer document sent to group (1-6 pages): July 30 2014
Critical Research Review: Wednesday August 13 – midday Thursday August 14 2014

Apply to attend CRR