ICER 2009 – Call for papers

Call for papers

The fifth International Computing Education Research Workshop
Berkeley, California, August 10-11, 2009

Paper submission deadline: March 22.

Computing education research is the study of how people come to understand
computational processes and devices, and how to improve that understanding.
As computation becomes ubiquitous in our world,
understanding of computing in order to design, structure, maintain,
and utilize these technologies becomes increasingly important—both
for the technology professional, but also for the technologically literate citizen.
The study of how the understanding of computation develops,
and how to improve that understanding, is critically important
for the technology-dependent societies in which we live.
The International Computing Education Research (ICER) Workshop aims at gathering
high-quality contributions to the computing education research discipline.
Papers for the ICER workshop will be peer-reviewed and should, as appropriate, display:

  • A clear theoretical basis, drawing on existing literature
    in computing education or related disciplines.

  • A strong empirical basis, drawing on relevant research methods.
    Papers that re-interpret and explain others’ empirical results are welcome.

  • An explication of the paper’s impact on, and contribution to,
    existing knowledge about computing education.

Papers should be no more than 12 pages long, but significantly shorter papers are also welcome.
Papers should follow the ACM SIGCSE formatting guidelines.
Templates for submissions can be found at the
ACM SIGCSE Proceedings website.
LaTeX users should use option #2 (tighter alternate style) when formatting their document.
Further submission details will be made available on the workshop web site (see below).

A Doctoral Consortium will be held the day prior to ICER 2009, on Sunday, August 9.


  • Michael Clancy, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.
  • Michael Caspersen, University of Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Raymond Lister, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia