BRACElet workshop

BRACElet is a multi-institutional research study of how novice programmers comprehend and write computer programs. While it is a research project, it remains close to educational practice, with much of the data analyzed coming from exam papers sat by first year undergraduates at the participating universities. For a longer introduction to BRACElet, see the paper, “The Teaching of Novice Computer Programmers: Bringing the Scholarly-Research Approach to Australia” available at

A two-day BRACElet workshop will run in conjunction with ICER. This workshop will be held on the two days after ICER, Monday September 8 and Tuesday September 9.

The workshop will be held at UTS (ie the same university where ICER is being held). BRACElet attendees who are also attending ICER are advised to book the same accommodation for both.

The early sessions of the workshop (i.e. the first half-to-full day) will introduce BRACElet to people who have not already taken part in the project. These sessions will be aimed (1) at people who might be interested in joining the project, and (2) at people who would just like to see what the project might tell them about how to write better exam papers for novice programmers.

The later sessions, including the entire second day, will be aimed at people who are intending to join the BRACElet research project. Those sessions will plan the next action research cycle of the project.

There may be a small registration fee to cover the cost of coffee, tea and meals. Attendees will also need to meet the cost of their accommodation.

For more information, please email Raymond Lister <>.