Accepted papers

ICER 2008: presented papers

The following papers were presented at ICER 2008. The pdfs are no longer available for download here, as they are now part of the official published proceedings.

Keynote address – Professor John Sweller. Evolutionary bases of human cognitive architecture: implications for computing education.

Andrew Begel and Beth Simon. Novice Software Developers, All Over Again

Jens Bennedsen and Michael Caspersen. Abstraction Ability as an Indicator of Success for Learning Computing Science?

Jonas Boustedt. A Methodology for Exploring Students' Experiences and Interaction with Large-scale Software through Role-play and Phenomenography

Donald Chinn and Tammy VanDeGrift. Gender and Diversity in Hiring Software Professionals: What Do Students Say?

Paul Denny, John Hamer, Andrew Luxton-Reilly and Helen Purchase. PeerWise: Students Sharing their Multiple Choice Questions

Geoffrey L. Herman, Lisa Kaczmarczyk, Michael C. Loui and Craig Zilles. Proof by Incomplete Enumeration and Other Logical Misconceptions

Michael Hewner and Mark Guzdial. Attitudes about Computing in Postsecondary Graduates

Päivi Kinnunen and Lauri Malmi. CS Minors in a CS1 Course

Tracy L. Lewis, Wanda J. Smith, France Bélanger and K. Vernard Harrington. Are Technical and Soft Skills Required? The Use of Structural Equation Modeling to Examine Factors Leading to Retention in the CS Major

Mike Lopez, Jacqueline Whalley, Phil Robbins and Raymond Lister. Relationships between reading, tracing and writing skills in introductory programming

Paul Denny, Andrew Luxton-Reilly and Beth Simon. Evaluating a New Exam Question: Parsons Problems

Jan Erik Moström, Jonas Boustedt, Anna Eckerdal, Robert McCartney, Kate Sanders, Lynda Thomas and Carol Zander. Concrete Examples of Abstraction as Manifested in Students' Transformative Experiences

Kate Sanders, Brad Richards, Jan Erik Moström, Vicki Almstrum, Stephen Edwards, Sally Fincher, Kat Gunion, Mark Hall, Brian Hanks, Stephen Lonergan, Robert McCartney, Briana Morrison, Jaime Spacco and Lynda Thomas. DCER: sharing empirical computer science education data

Carsten Schulte. Block Model – an Educational Model of Program Comprehension as a Tool for a Scholarly Approach to Teaching

Simon, Angela Carbone, Michael de Raadt, Raymond Lister, Margaret Hamilton and Judy Sheard. Classifying Computing Education Papers: Process and Results

Beth Simon, Brian Hanks, Laurie Murphy, Sue Fitzgerald, Renée McCauley, Lynda Thomas and Carol Zander. Saying Isn't Necessarily Believing: Influencing Self-theories in Computing