ICER Paper Awards

The Chair’s Award

Established in 2012, this award is given to the paper that, in the judgment of the organizing committee, best illustrates the highest standards of empirical computing education research, taking into account the quality of its questions asked, methodology, analysis, writing, and contribution to the field. (Open to research papers only.)

The John Henry Award

Since 2008 ICER has presented this award to the paper that, in the judgment of the conference delegates, attempts a task that may seem impossible, but pushes “the upper limits of our pedagogy.” (D. Valentine. CS Educational Research: a meta-analysis of SIGCSE Technical Symposium Proceedings. pp. 235-239 (March 2004)). Also known as the “Fool’s Award,” after the Tarot card “the Fool,” symbolizing the willingness to take risks and venture into the unknown, with the possibility of achieving great things.